How to convert an LED TV into Digital Signage Screen

Digital signage is the next step in signage industry, through which not only you can display and dynamically change your static advertisements but can also play video advertisements and many other types of content for your consumers.

When Digital Signage was first introduced, companies and advertisers had to use very specialized equipment to display and maintain their digital signage screens, but not anymore!

Now you can convert an ordinary TV screen with an HDMI port into a remotely controlled digital signage screen using Spire Signage, within 5 minutes!

The applications and uses of such a system are not limited to large corporations but its benefits extend to small organizations, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, retails stores, restaurants, community centers, gyms, churches, masjids etc. alike.

Following are few simple steps to can convert your TV into a digital signage screen.

  1. Connect Spire Signage hub (signage player) with your TV through HDMI and connect it to internet through Wi-Fi.
  2. Sign-in into you Spire Signage user account (made for you by Spire Signage team) and add the above-mentioned device to your account. Viola! Your digital signage screen is ready to play the content of your choice for your target audience.
  3. Upload your content, set it up and assign it to your signage screen and you are in business.

Contact us if you have any questions or need detailed steps and instructions.

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