Teespire and Spire Signage at International Engineering and Machinery Asia 2018

International Engineering and Machinery Asia 2018 was held at Expo Center Lahore from 1 to 3 September 2018. It was organized to allow local machinery and engineering equipment manufacturers and consumers to meet with foreign manufacturers, suppliers and consumers.

The CEO and CTO of Spire Digital Signage Services (Pvt.) Ltd., Malik Kamran Iqbal and Sohaib Basit respectively and team exhibited our digital signage product, Spire Signage, at the event.

Spire Signage is a digital signage cloud software and hardware solution that allows users to convert any ordinary LED TV, SMD screen or a projector into centrally controlled digital signage screen placed at any remote location. Marketing content on the screens can be updated using our patented content management system over internet, from anywhere in the world. It can by quickly installed, is easy to use and very affordable. There is no need of complicated networking or wiring.

 Our team showcased the brilliance of Spire Signage through live demonstration at the event. The simplicity of Spire Signage attracted quite a few eyes; many were curious and pleasantly surprised at its simplicity, power and usefulness.

Our team had very productive and detailed interactions with people visiting our stall and many were interested in buying our solution.

Latest technologies and innovations were showcased by several foreign and local companies in several industries ranging from Power, Construction, Oil, Gas, Wind, Solar, Mines, Transport, Machinery to many more.

We thank organizers and exhibitors who contributed in making the event a success!

Here is a look at the event.

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