Lahore Expo International Engineering and Machinery Asia 2018

The ‘’Lahore Expo International Engineering and Machinery Asia’’ was held in Lahore Expo center between September 1 and Sep 3rd. It was organized by the Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan to allow local machinery and engineering equipment manufacturers to meet with foreign manufacturers and suppliers as well as local and foreign consumers.

The CEO of Spire Digital Signage Services, Mr. Malik Kamran Iqbal and the CTO of SDSS, Mr. Sohaib Basit attended the event. The two men team showcased the brilliance of Spire Signage Network through live demonstration, all three days of the event. The simplicity of Spire Signage attracted quite a few eyes at the event. Many were curious as how such simple mechanism could be so powerful and how it would be useful for them.

Our esteemed officers were asked several queries regarding the product on display and they answered all the questions in detail. They both attended the stalls of several other exhibitors and were amazed by the products at display.

Spire Signage is a digital signage solution that allows the user to update date from any part of the world using the web based content management system. It is affordable and can be used with any non specialized digital TV as well as all the specialized digital displays.

Latest technologies and innovations were showcased all three days of the event by several   foreign and local companies in several different fields ranging from Power to Construction, Oil and Gas to Wind and Solar, mines to transport to machinery and much more.

We thank organizers and exhibitors who contributed to make the event happen.

Here is a look at the event.

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