What is Spire Signage?

Spire Signage is a system to use your ordinary TV screens, projectors, SMD screens etc. for customer marketing and employee communication. It is everything you require to split, extend and manage the screens in real time from anywhere in the world, without physical access. There is no need for complicated network of wires and cables.

Spire Signage is designed to make digital signage ultra easy to use by reducing it to mere plug and play. Whether you have one display or a thousand, you can deliver dynamic content at right location at the right time from anywhere in the world or across the room using single web-based user panel.

Spire Signage is exploding in every industry, from retail to corporate lobbies, from hospitals to hotels, from Trade shows to schools & universities.

Spire Signage enterprise capabilities allow users to manage content across the world. A Spire Signage user can go from a complete beginner to a proficient user within 5 minutes of orientation. 

With cloud storage, content scheduling, your team can enable engaging visual communications across all your screens.

Reach out and connect with your customers, with Spire Signage.

Setup Process

Following is a 5-minute process to setup your own Digital Signage screens network.

  1. Plug the display screen into SpireSignage device.
  2. Connect the device to internet through Wi-Fi or LAN.
  3. Add the device to user panel through a secure PIN.
  4. Add as many screens as you need, located anywhere in the world.
  5. 5. You are ready to broadcast your content all over the world while sitting in your office!

How it works for you?

  1. Upload content to your user panel.
  2. Magic happens.
  3. Viola! Content starts playing.
  4. You are done.

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