All FAQs related to product Spire Signage

Spire Signage system can be divided into two parts:

  1. Hardware
  2. Software

For hardware, i.e. Spire Signage Hub, the warranty in most cases is one-year replacement warranty. Of course, terms and conditions are applicable.

For software, the warranty depends on the plan you choose and corresponsing SLA becomes active.

Following components comes in the box:

  1. WiFi and LAN enable Spire Signage Hub (hardware)
  2. Power Adapter
  3. HDMI cable

Spire Signage syncs content locally so even if internet gets disconnected, your content keeps playing.

Yes. Our hardware connects to any display that supports HDMI input. It could be a TV, a smart display, an LED screen, an SMD screen or even a projector!

Pricing depends on number of licenses and plans you buy. We offer bulk discount. Contact us for details.