What is Spire Signage?

Spire Signage is exploding in every industry, from retail to corporate lobbies, from hospitals to hotels, from Trade shows to schools & universities.

Use Spire Signage in retail sources and franchises to grow your sales by sharing new products and promotions, create an engaging experience in restaurants and hotel using adverts, digital menus, promotional material, etc.

You can use Spire Signage to enhance workplace communications such as digital notice board, employee training/orientation across multiple locations simultaneously, cross-office team communication, announcements like employee of the month etc.

Medical facilities that can enhance coordination between doctors and patients, show case their capabilities, their specializations, achievements of their doctors and special case studies.

Academic institutions can power their curriculum and coordination through a single location, broadcast messages and notices to the students, invite for volunteer based drives, notify special events, holidays, seminars etc.

Setup Process

Following is a 5-minute process to setup your own Digital Signage screens network.

  1. Plug the display screen into SpireSignage device.
  2. Connect the device to internet through Wi-Fi or LAN.
  3. Add the device to user panel through a secure PIN.
  4. Add as many screens as you need, located anywhere in the world.
  5. 5. You are ready to broadcast your content all over the world while sitting in your office!

How it works for you?

  1. Upload content to your user panel.
  2. Magic happens.
  3. Viola! Content starts playing.
  4. You are done.

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